Media Coverage Hospitality Biz

A renowned magazine Hospitality Biz has covered Servo in its monthly edition.

Guinness World Record of Fastest Typing Using One Finger

Mr Vipul Bhandari – HOD of Food & Beverage Services at Servo Hospitality School has shown a commendable attempt to break the Guinness World Record of typing fastest in minimum time using one finger. This commendable attempt was covered by Amara Ujala – one of the renowned newspaper.

Open Day 3

Open Day

An ‘Open Day’ in its premises was organised by the Servo Hospitality School here on Saturday. Aspiring students, parents, guardians, budding professionals and academicians visited the school on the day. A communiqué from the school claimed that the students were guided and motivated by the latest trends, future prospects and rising career in the hospitality industry by Head of the Studies and Director Servo Hospitality on the occasion.

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