Bachelors in Hospitality Management

3 Years Diploma in Hospitality Management Dehradun

Hospitality management is one of the most demanding career options today. With globalization, there has been a tremendous opportunity in the hospitality sector and the requirement of manpower in this industry is huge.

How to choose the best Hospitality Management College in India?

In India, there are many hospitality management colleges and while choosing the best college you have to keep certain things in mind, such as:

  • Academic performance: The first thing that you need to look at before selecting a Hospitality Management College is its academic performance. It is essential to find out the awards and ranking that the college had received for academics. You must also check the reviews of the guest faculties and find out which companies have visited the college for placement.
  • Infrastructural facilities: The facilities and infrastructure of the college are also important factors to consider before selecting the best college. It is very essential to choose that college which gives more importance to internship and training.
  • Accreditation: Accreditation is another most important criterion to select a hospitality management college and you must select that college which is accredited by a Government body. For example, you can do 3 Years Diploma in Hospitality Management as the college is NAAC accredited.
  • Affordability: The fees of the hospitality management course differ from college to college. Some college has high fees but it also offers a bank loan. You have to check the course structure and decide whether you will be able to afford that or not.
  • Campus Recruitment: Getting a good placement remains the ultimate goal of any student. Hence you must select a college that has a good placement record. You must find out the companies that have been visiting the college for placement.

Hospitality management courses are very demanding and if you choose the right college then you will certainly have a good career. Considering the high demand the big brands in this sector have started to settle their setup in big as well as small cities and with this, ample opportunities are there for the students in the hospitality management sector.



  1. What are the eligibility criteria for admission in the 3 Years Diploma in Hospitality Management?
    The candidate must pass 10+2 final examination from any central or state government recognized board like CBSE and ICSE.
  2. What is the course duration of the 3 Years Diploma in Hospitality Management of Servo Hospitality School?
    The 3 Years Diploma in Hospitality Management of Servo Hospitality School is 3 years course. It includes theoretical classes, practical classes, and the compulsory international training programme.
  3. What is the key feature of the course?
    The compulsory international internship programme provides a unique opportunity for the students to get exposure to the latest demand for skills and performances in this sector. It also enables the students to achieve the International Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management Level 6 which is equivalent to the final year of 3 Years Diploma in Hospitality Management.
Best colleges for hotel management

Join the best colleges for hotel management in Dehradun for creative and innovative learning

In the past few decades, there has been a shift in the thought process of the young generation. Students now tend to opt for flexible jobs rather than being stuck in a cubicle from 9 to 5. Hotel management courses have become highly demanding among job seekers. The hospitality sector has gone through monumental changes as the colleges are now taking up various challenges to prepare the students to educate and train future leaders in the hospitality department. The best colleges for hotel management in Dehradun have adhered to various innovative and experimental techniques to provide the students with the best opportunities and prepare them for future challenges.

How are the hotel management colleges shaping your future?

Since the hotel and hospitality management courses have become extremely demanding among the students, the best colleges also offer the best facilities to the students. They will understand the needs of the hospitality sector, nationally and also globally. The colleges have employed different techniques and initiated modern forms of learning. The facilities provided by the colleges for shaping your future are-

  • Digitalised classroom, highly equipped computer laboratory, libraries, and practical training centres to transform theoretical learning into practical experiences.
  • The colleges will prepare the students to face the challenges arising globally through the different international exchange programmes.
  • The best colleges of hotel management have international diploma courses for advanced learning.
  • The hotel management colleges collaborate with the best hotels and the students are provided with an internship from these hotels. Here, trained professional in this field, help the students to develop cross-cultural skills.
  • The colleges also impart sensitivity and career networking to the students to develop their hospitality careers globally.

What are the qualities that a hotel management course will imbibe in you?

The hospitality sector does not only depend on pen and paperwork. It needs a lot of communication and personality to deal with customers. The qualities are-

  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Sensitivity
  • Punctuality
  • Responsibility

Thus, the best colleges in the hotel and hospitality sector with prepare you for a successful career and will shape your personality to face future challenges.


  1. What are the advantages of pursuing the hotel management course?

Studying hotel management will prepare you for various career opportunities. After the completion of the course, satisfying and highly paid jobs are available if you have a passionate approach towards the course.

  1. Will I get international job opportunities after the completion of the course?

Yes. The best colleges provide international diploma courses to the students. Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 advanced diploma courses are offered to the students in collaboration with the foreign countries and they are prepared for their global career.

  1. Can I open my restaurant after the hotel management course?

The course is designed to develop your overall personality. Along with academics, the course ensures leadership skills, management skills, and organization skills which will help you to run your hotels successfully.

  1. How will I choose the right hotel management college?

Look for the colleges that will provide you with all the facilities like internship opportunities and the best infrastructure. Also, you should study the placement patterns of the college over the past years to understand the employment opportunities that the college will provide.

International Diploma in Hotel Management

Give Wings to your Dreams: Study International Diploma in Hotel Management

The trajectory of the Hotel management course has taken an upward flight in the modern world. Due to the large employment opportunities, the servo group has seen a sudden increase in the number of students wanting to pursue the course. While other sectors are facing a recession, hospitality and tourism management has become an extremely popular course in India. The increasing demand for certified professionals has been attracting a large number of students every year to pursue degree and diploma courses in hotel and hospitality management.

servo group

Departments of the Hotel industry

Due to globalisation more students wishes to relocate to foreign countries for better opportunities. Also, many international hotels are being established in India. International Diploma in Hotel Management provides the students with extensive knowledge and practical experiences in the hotel industry. The course prepares the students to deal with all the major departments relating to this industry. The fields of study are-

  • Kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • Front office
  • Food and beverage service operation
  • Food and beverage production
  • Sales and marketing
  • French communication
  • Business communication

Benefits of studying an International diploma in Hotel management

The twelve-month integrated course provided by the servo group ensures that the students are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge. The course is designed to impart on-job experience to the students so that they do not face problems in the future. The benefits of pursuing a hotel management course are-

  • EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY IS HIGH– Due to an increase in the number of hotels in India the availability of jobs has increased. International brands are establishing their chains of hotels across the country. Moreover, the domestic giants are also expanding in every nook and corner of the4 country. Also, some international hotel has been established in partnership with Indian organisations. This has caused an increase in employment opportunities in this sector,
  • YOU CAN TRAVEL TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES– The diploma from reputed institutions along with your proficiency in work will help you to get an opportunity in the biggest international hotels. You will get the opportunity to travel to different places and gain experience.
  • THE EXCITEMENT OF FACING DAILY CHALLENGES– In this sector, you will face extremely challenging situations on a daily basis. Your creativity, logical thinking, problem-solving, and higher thinking capabilities will ensure you a successful future
  • DYNAMIC AND ENERGETIC WORKPLACE– Not even for a fraction of a second you will be bored. The profession will allow you to work, to interact, and serve new people every day.

Thus a degree in hotel management course will provide you with exciting career opportunities throughout your service period. Your energy, behaviour, and passion will ensure your growth and credibility among your customers and help you in building a successful career.

Best colleges for hotel management

Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management is Ideal for Career-oriented Students and Professionals

Management courses are gaining rapid popularity in the present scenario. There are various levels of integrated management courses available for the students. Higher-level courses help the students to have a deeper knowledge of hotel management courses. Level 5 Advanced Diploma in hotel management is designed to ensure a higher level of knowledge in the field of hotel and hospitality management. Some students have higher aspirations and a thirst for learning. This is the course suitable for such career-driven individuals who wish to flourish in their future endeavours.

This course aims to transcend the boundaries of fundamental leanings and equip the students with the knowledge of operational and financial aspects of the hotel management course. The eligibility criteria to enrol in the course are a completion of 10+2 or to have an equivalent qualification from a recognised state or national board. Some Institutions like Servo Hospitality school provide the level 5 advanced diploma course to the students. After the completion of the course, the students are provided with an undergraduate diploma in hotel management course.

Area of study

The advanced level hotel management course is meant for career-oriented students who have already completed the lower levels. Level 5 Advanced Diploma in hotel management focuses on the following area are-

  • Marketing and customer behaviour
  • Operation management
  • Finance including budgetary allotment
  • Leadership for motivating a team and optimize the performance
  • Human resource management
  • Management principals
  • Dealing with contemporary issues in the hotel and hospitality management

Benefits of pursuing the course

Level 5 has a different significance for the students and professionals of the field. There are many benefits of studying this course. Some of the benefits are as follows –

  • A higher level of leadership skills
  • Total personality development
  • Nurturing of communication skills
  • Developing creativity and imagination
  • Understanding the job market
  • Catering to the needs and demands of the customers
  • Ability to face various challenges in contemporary society.

Choose the best college to pursue the course

This is a higher-level course thus you should ensure that the course gives you the maximum outcome. Some institutions like Servo Hospitality school provides the best facilities to the students who aspire to pursue this course. Below listed are some of the criteria that you should look for while choosing the college to pursue a level 5 advanced diploma course.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE- Proper laboratory, digitalised classrooms, library, and training hubs should be present in the college. Also, the availability of a hostel facility would be beneficial for students staying abroad.
  • FACULTY- The faculty members should be reputed and trained professions. Theory and practical knowledge, both should have equal weight-age in the curriculum.
  • FACULTY EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES- Faculties and renowned personalities from foreign universities will give the students a broader concept of the outside world. Seminars, Workshops, and field works should be given priority.
  • PLACEMENT- After the completion of the course, the colleges should ensure guaranteed placement to its students with satisfying remuneration.

In today’s world, the challenge is to survive through the competition that is being imposed on all individuals daily. Due to the higher level of competition students need to be updated in their professional field. Thus, pursuing the level 5 diploma course will be helpful for the student to enrich his or her professional career and also successfully grow as an individual identity.

Best colleges for hotel management in Dehradun

Best colleges for hotel management in Dehradun developing dynamic budding professionals

Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. Needless to say, hotel management is an inherent part of this dynamic industry. Almost every economy including India has been focusing on the expansion of the sector. In the coming years, it’s going to be one of the biggest economic contributors to many economies in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. Of course, India is not an exception. If you have an interest in the hospitality industry, selecting a good hotel management college is of paramount importance. With the right course curriculums and state-of-the-art education facilities, the best colleges for hotel management in Dehradun developing future hotel management professionals who could meet all future needs of the industry.

General parameters of a hotel management college to be looked upon

Pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in hotel and hospitality management from a premium college has several benefits. Of course, the reputation of the college provides an advantage in the professional arena. So, what aspects should you consider at the time of selecting your college for pursuing higher studies in hotel management?

  • Course curriculum – Check for the relevance of the course curriculum. The curriculum should cover all the important and latest aspects of the industry; otherwise, your lack of knowledge on some important aspects may deteriorate your candidature. Considering the nature of the industry, practical training is crucial. Find out whether your selected programme offers hands-on experience and sufficient practical training hours.
  • Faculty – In the best colleges for hotel management in Dehradun, the faculty plays a vital role in developing the reputation of the college. A faculty is just not a teacher or lecturer but the key person shapes the future of the students. As such, faculty members should be qualified and experienced in their respective fields.
  • Classrooms, labs, and libraries – structured classrooms, well-equipped labs, and sufficient stock of books and magazines make interactive learning feasible. In a reputed hotel management college, you will find the best possible educational facilities and interactive learning environment.
  • Placements – The best colleges in this domain are popular for their placement facilities as well. Contact and consult senior students and alumni about their experience in this matter.

These general parameters shouldn’t be ignored. Your knowledge and capability to adjust to the changing environment of the hospitality industry will depend a lot on the selection of the right hotel management college.


Mr. Vishwas Ghai is the Chairman, Servo Institutions and Director, Hotel Ramada, Dehradun. He has several years of experience in Hospitality and also has several awards to his credit. Under his stewardship, Hotel Ramada, Dehradun has grown to be one of the highest-grossing Ramada properties in India and one of the favorite destinations for luxury travelers in Uttarakhand. He founded Servo Institutions in 2018 in a bid to transform hospitality education into more experiential and skill-based training and address the skill gaps of the hospitality management graduates. He holds his education experience from the Glion Institute of Hotel Management, Switzerland, and the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Australia.

Our students have helped us grow to the extent that we can target the impossible now 

The rate of admission at Servo Hospitality School (SHS) is approximately 60%, owing to the fact that we are almost a two year old organization. However, our own training & learning partner, The Ramada Dehradun is successively doing excellent intake over the years. Our alumni has settled across the world including in Europe and Australia and have progressively contributed towards our success. This year we are targeting the rate of admission to be anywhere between 80% – 85%.

We have initiated new programs to help students in the long run 

We have come up with new programs for our students. The program 3 Years Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Management [BIHM] is of 3 years and is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical training. On successful completion of the first year, the student can procure International Diploma in HM (Level 4), Advanced International Diploma in HM (Level 5) at end of the second year and Graduate Diploma in HM (Level 6) at the end of third year. First & second year both consist of two semesters. First semester is dedicated to learning at Servo, followed by learning at the practice school- Hotel Ramada in the second semester. Third year comprises a few months of theoretical learning at Servo, after which the candidate can fly to the country of their choice for pursuing International training.

We organize co-curriculars and extracurriculars in the form of webinars, seminars and other activities to give an experiential learning to our students

It is our belief that whilst the mainstream academic programs are essential to a quality education, it is very vital to aid, create and support a larger educational ecosystem. Keeping the above philosophy in the backdrop, we have invested in creating six Centres of Excellence (CoE) which will continuously and consistently support, nourish and sustain the mainstream academic programs. The six CoE’s are Centre for Culture and International Languages, Centre for Hospitality Research, Centre for Culinary Arts, Centre for India Studies, Centre for Sustainability and Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation. The Centres through frequent activities and programs continuously endeavour to enhance the skill sets of the students, contribute to their experiential learning, and apprise them with the latest trends prevailing in the hospitality industry. Lectures from the stalwarts of the hospitality industry namely Corporate Chefs, General Managers, Sommeliers, Learning & Development Managers, Learned & Certified Trainers is part of the regular curriculum. Nature treks in the Himalayas, sports tournaments sustainability and charitable drives are also an intrinsic part of the college culture.

We focus on delivering the best in-hand jobs to our students when they graduate

Our average pay package ranges from 60-70,000 INR per month and varies according to the chosen country for Internship. The Highest package in the past has been INR 1.23 Lacs per month at Hilton, Lake Tapuo, New Zealand and INR 1.21Lacs per month offered at an upcoming Hilton Resort, Canada.

The fearless leader makes the impossible possible and goes where there is no path and leaves a trail

Leadership to me means voyaging into an unchartered territory and challenging the status quo. This should be accompanied by a vision and a relentless drive to achieve it. Motivating, inspiring, boosting the morale and confidence of the people and instilling in them a hope for success and a belief in themselves is true leadership to me. Setting the standards for yourself and others to achieve a desired goal, is leadership to me. As much as we believe in “Leading by example”, we must improvise it by warmly and cordially being a team mover rather than simply leading it upfront and blunt.

Hotel Ramada, Dehradun- The practice hotel and a platform for providing Externships and Internships

We focus on experiential learning rather than a regular classroom style teaching. Hotel Ramada, Dehradun serves as a ‘practice school’ for hospitality and culinary students and is a vital pillar of our experiential training. At the hotel, students can make connections between the concepts taught at Servo Hospitality School and the practices they encounter in real -time in the hospitality industry. The practice hotel helps to bridge the gap between academia and industry and makes them industry ready.

The academic and the academic delivery structure at the Servo Hospitality School has been moulded to focus on developing the competencies of the students

Leadership, Business Strategy, Brand Relationship, Service Excellence, Processes and Systems, Culture and Anticipating and Managing Customer Expectations are the key competencies required by top-notch hospitality companies which we attempt to nurture through our academic curriculum.

Servo hospitality school’s curriculum is designed by Organisation for Hospitality & Tourism Management (OTHM), United Kingdom that equips all categories of learners including fresh students, those currently employed and those wishing to enhance their professional growth and training with knowledge, skills and key competencies. It’s planned in such a way that the students are exposed to various theoretical and practical learning in each semester via training, workshops, industrial visits, ODCs and thus, enabling them to earn while they learn.

Know your faculty

A passionate & creative hospitality professional with keen business acumen, 20 years of rich experience across sales, operation, hotel pre-opening and management functions. An innovative, hand’s on practitioner, I lead from the front to deliver across management needs. Adept at strategic planning with team management expertise, motivation training and HR management converging to add sales and marketing edge. I have worked across hotels like Inter Continental Hotel Group, Royal Orchid Hotels, Sarovar Hotels and Resorts, Marriott & Taj Hotels with high acclaim and recognition including best mid-scale hotel development award and Certified in Hospitality Business Acumen (CHBA).

Mr Ravi Singh

General Manager – Sales & Marketing,

Mr Ravi Singh

General Manager, Ramada Dehradun and Head of Department, Sales & Marketing, Servo Hospitality School

A passionate & creative hospitality professional with keen business acumen, 20 years of rich experience across sales, operation, hotel pre-opening and management functions. An innovative, hand’s on practitioner, I lead from the front to deliver across management needs. Adept at strategic planning with team management expertise, motivation training and HR management converging to add sales and marketing edge. I have worked across hotels like Inter Continental Hotel Group, Royal Orchid Hotels, Sarovar Hotels and Resorts, Marriott & Taj Hotels with high acclaim and recognition including best mid-scale hotel development award and Certified in Hospitality Business Acumen (CHBA).


Mr Vipul Bhandari

Head of Department, Food & Beverage Services, Servo Hospitality School

Possesses fourteen years of rich experience in Hospitality Industry and a graduate from the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Bhopal. Worked with the leading brands of the hospitality fraternity like the The Leela Palace, Bangalore. Has actively organized various International & National conferences, workshops, seminars, events, activities etc and presented multiple research papers and successively placed students for internships and jobs across globe. Out of the multiple awards and achievements received during the course of the career, the most remarkable one is being a “Guinness Book of World Record Title  Holder”.

Mr Vipul Bhandari

Head of Department, Food & Beverage Services


Chef Vijendrapal Singh Negi

Head of Department, Food Production,

Chef Vijendrapal Singh Negi

Head of Department, Food Production, Servo Hospitality School

Award winning innovative Chef with an exceptional record of service & international experience at noted establishments such as the TAJ Group of Hotels, India; Reso. Hotels Sweden, Russia; Gourmet India, U.S.A. More than 30 years of experience in all facets of cooking & management for five-star hotels & prestigious chain of multi-cuisine specialized restaurants.


Mr Ajay Pal Singh Rawat

Head of Department, Housekeeping, Servo Hospitality School

Have nine years of professional experience in the Hospitality Industry with the leading brands like Carlson, The Lalit, Best Western, Staywell & Maharaja’s Express and Ramee Group of Hotels & Resorts in Dubai. I hold Bachelor’s degree in Hotel management & Catering Technology from Kukreja Institute of Hotel Management.

Mr Ajay Pal Singh Rawat

Head of Department, Housekeeping


Ms Swati Kaushal

Personality Development Trainer

Ms Swati Kaushal

Personality Development Trainer, Servo Hospitality School

Have been working since 9 years as a personality developer trainer with a vision to enhance personalities and and has completed her MBA from IIMM, Pune. Has an experience of a trainer with Kingfisher airlines & India can. Has also worked as a freelancer and provided training in corporate such as Adidas India and Barista coffee .


Mr Kamlesh Deopa

Head of Department, Front Office, Ramada, Dehradun and Head of Department, Front Office, Servo Hospitality School

Has worked in the hospitality industry for 13 years with an experience of brands like Taj Hotels, Lebua Resort, Carlson group, IHG and Wyndham Hotels. Started as an associate and kept on learning about the industry, guest experiences and team management.

Mr Kamlesh Deopa

Head of Department, Front Office





‘Planning Hospitality Career amidst the Fourth Revolution’, a session by Dr. Sudhir Andrews

Dr Andrews is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and was the first MBA from IIMs to join the hospitality industry in 1971. He had set up the Oberoi School (OCLD) as the Director and later set up the Ecole Hoteliere, Lavasa as Dean Academics. The guest speaker holds a gigantic status in the hospitality industry and has written several hospitality books of all core departments, for which he has bagged several noteworthy awards including the Rashtriya Gaurav Award (2010) & Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence (2010). Read more

Media Coverage Hospitality Biz

A renowned magazine Hospitality Biz has covered Servo in its monthly edition.

Guinness World Record of Fastest Typing Using One Finger

Mr Vipul Bhandari – HOD of Food & Beverage Services at Servo Hospitality School has shown a commendable attempt to break the Guinness World Record of typing fastest in minimum time using one finger. This commendable attempt was covered by Amara Ujala – one of the renowned newspaper.